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Sale Terms & Returns Policy

You are purchasing directly from Chicmi user Faith, and they'll be shipping the item to you. Most sellers will deliver within 14 days.

Shipping charges are included in the price. There's no extra shipping costs to pay.

Private sellers like Faith do not need to offer returns, so make sure you've asked any questions before you purchase. If you do have questions after you order, you can contact Faith and they will do their best to help.

Any problems, the Chicmi team are here to help at

Chicmi Terms of Sale

We're giving back

CHICMI is donating part of our profit at all our Online Exclusive events! 🥰

COVID has hugely impacted people's lives, and together with our CHICMI Family we will support and raise awareness about responsible charities each month - plus help sustainable, ethical and diverse brands to grow!

This month we'll be donating to CARE International! When you buy you're supporting this amazing organization. We'll show it on your profile page, so you can be proud of your contribution!

Thank you to our CHICMI Family for making this possible! ❤️

About CARE International

"Founded in 1945 to send 'CARE packages' to people recovering from war, we have been fighting poverty in the world's poorest countries for 75 years."