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About New York Fashion Pop-Ups & Events

Discover the rich and vibrant New York fashion scene - meet designers at fashion pop-ups, enjoy drinks at an in-store party or be inspired by a beautiful fashion exhibition.

NYC is the world's fashion city, and if it's not happening here it's not happening. That's why there's just so many amazing events to explore throughout the year.

New York fashion pop-ups are an amazing way to discover new, emerging and creative brands. You'll often get the chance to hang out with the team and often even the designer themselves, find out what it is that makes them tick and why their pieces are so special. Plus get there for the opening night and there'll often be a party with drinks and maybe even the odd celeb or too!

If you're looking to be inspired, then you won't do much better than a fashion exhibition at one of New York's many beautiful museums. Whether it's the MET, the Brooklyn Museum or FIDM, there's always an active calendar of beautiful fashion-releated displays throughout the city.