What's Luxury Streetwear And Why It's Dominating Every Fashion Event

Posted 7 months ago

Luxury streetwear is a term that was recently coined by the famous magazine/website "Hypebeast". To better put this in context, it's important to understand how big brands understood the market's demand, creating pieces that were following the same business model brands like Supreme, Anti Social Social Club and Bape (to list a few) used. The entire idea revolves around launching (or better, dropping) one of a kind pieces that will generally never be available again.


Virgil Abloh And How He's Reshaping The Industry.

Abloh was the man behind Kanye's image and creative process. Right now, he's the one who's not only reshaping the fashion industry (being OFF-White's founder and the current Louis Vuitton creative director) but also inspiring many different brands, especially the ones which are revolving their whole catalogue around streetwear clothing.


Gucci And The Flashiest Streetwear Line Ever Created

Italian icon Gucci has always been an anchor when it comes to luxury fashion, with their high-class sense of finesse and incredible attention to detail. Given the big demand for streetwear pieces, Gucci didn't step away from it and created the flashiest line of streetwear the market has ever seen. While the brand is still focusing on high-class accessories and formal pieces of clothing, their whole streetwear line is still going strong.

Gucci Streetwear

Sneakerheads & The Fashion Week

The biggest impact luxury streetwear had on the market is revolving around sneakers and shoes in general. To better put this in context, let's take one simple brand as an example: Yeezys. Kanye's very own brand is indeed the representation of what is the current trend behind luxury streetwear, which is proper branding. Even though these pieces have been called out for their lack of quality and excessive price, they became an iconic piece in the streetwear world, reaching an incredible price that is currently fluctuating between 1000 USD for their first model, the infamous Yeezy V1.

Other brands, of course, started to adapt, following this winning business model, presenting their streetwear pieces during the Fashion Week and developing endorsement strategies with big influencers worldwide.

At the moment, OFF-White is preparing multiple collaborations with Nike and Louis Vuitton to deliver what Hypebeasts are describing as "the most awaited pair of shoes ever".

To Conclude

The domination of certain brands is surely a new thing for the fashion world, especially given the fact that many are the reasons why streetwear is moving towards a true domination of the fashion market. Should we expect more shows based on the matter, then?

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Hi! My name is Vicky, I’m a fashion designer, running enthusiast and occasional model. Fashion is and will always be my passion and I also love sports. I am currently doing an internship but I would love to open my showroom soon!

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