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It's a mixture of samples and real products, some of them you can still find them on Yoox. A lot of them are from AW19 runway collection, saw some samples for SS 20 as well. Would say the most heavily discounted ones are definitely the runway collection.(Original price from 1000up , now abt 129 ) Many knitted skirts and trousers if you are a fan of them. Menswear is located downstairs where you can also find lots of scarfs and hats, which can be ideal X'mas gifts. I really like their knitwears and their menswear collections are absolutely gorgeous, but my problem with them is that they can be too long or too big on me. Both of my hubby and me are more of petite size. Would say it's still worth going for the quality. Got some jumpers in the end. Too busy shopping to take pictures, here are some reference pics from e-tailers/websites.
I went this morning again and failed to see any restock what so ever. Saw several new bags, that is all.
You don't wanna know the mark up equation for designer products, especially when bags might account for 60 % of the revenue. Its mostly branding.😉
Very limited offering in terms of style as well as size. Ready to wear and bridal are 80% off, shoes 70% off ,accessories were only 50% off but they are all gone by the time I left. I've been told there will not be any new stock tomorrow,so it will be very empty. But the staff are very friendly and helpful,that is the only highlight for me in the sale.
I've checked the RSVP page ,and it said 60% off. Not sure if there will be bigger discounts than that or not. Update needed.😉

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