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Went today. Sale location is very good. Nice venue and nice staff. Lots of lovely bags still available. Seeing them up close and personal, (stunning craftsmanship) I decided that personally, the box / camera shape bag is not really my vibe.
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

I went today at around 4.20pm. I when I arrived, I was informed that there is a £4 entry fee (will be donated to charity). That surprised me. I showed them the post in Chicmi and they were surprised to see that it stated ‘free entry’. Their own poster on the door advertising the event clearly stated that there is a £4 fee to enter. Anyway, there was no issue and they let me in as I didn’t have any cash.
The makeup / skin care was organised well. It was easy to see and find items. Clear price lists and good pricing, basically it was inexpensive. At 4.20pm, upon arrival I was told that it’s now 50% off all advertised prices. So yeah, bargain city! I got makeup sponges, press on nails, pedicure nail file and Elnett heat protect spray all for £1.25 each. There were much more. I also picked up Kat Von D’s foundation, there was Rihanna’s Fenty foundation and other drug store brands as well. They had Real Techniques make-up brushes etc.. I would go again if they organise another sale, it totally worth it.
I succumbed and it was a worth it! If you are nearby, why not go? Still lots of bags, lots of dresses and shoes and coats!
I spot a new update to the price list (second photograph) 'that small leather bags are £50'.. so a reduction! Yesterday I picked up a small cross body black leather (firm leather not soft) bag and at the till I was told that all leather bags (excluding clutches and purses) were £75.
Thank you for that. I won't bother going after work then if there are no reductions.

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