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I forgot to take pics :( always recommend this sale, no grab box of $5 pairs this time but still so worth it. The sale is in the outside parking lot, they made you sanitize your hands before you started and had gloves, the glasses are sanitized after trying on. Most of the glasses are Paul Frank, other brand were extremely limited, a lot of the Paul Frank frames on the eye society website were there. I got 3 Paul Frank shades for $35 a steal, Rebecca Minkoff are $25 and the other brands are 60 percent off.
Prices were super cheap for splendid it’s 10 tops for $20 quality of stock is poor as limited for splendid but I managed to find 10 items. Gen 7 jeans were $15 and 7 for all mankind $25 right at the beginning they dropped the prices of all the sample jeans to $5, prepare to dig for sample jeans and make sure they have a button .
Email seemed like prices would be a little cheaper ,of course. I was really caught of guard they valet your car which really is the only option unless you want to walk a mile, they had a few racks but 90 percent of the clothing was in bags, not to be opened, but clearly labeled. Women’s selection was super limited. I really wanted crop tops and there was no crop tops, I did see a few joggers but in XS plenty of leggings though.
Loved this sale pricing was great, bought a lot of stuff I’ve been wanting to try but haven’t due to pricing. I was in the first group of people, they only let in so many people at a time line was like 100 people long when I left around 9am
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