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This is the First time I’ve ever seen that sales person came up to hoardering resellers and told them to put the stuff back or check out, cause they just sit there and pile up shoes! Awesome! Thank you! The sale was great for me:)
There are no bags or earrings. Not a lot of footwear, all the best items seem to be gone :/
I had pretty good experience, no complaints. And there were no hoarding resellers😁 maybe because they cut off the price tags 🏷 🧐
A lot is going on there. There was no shopping bags, and a huge line at check out. The fitting room guy kicked everyone else from the fitting room, except one girl, went there inside giggling with her, while there were a line waiting outside. And didn’t let anyone in until that one girl left (which was an extra 6minutes). Some people there just need a better training apparently.

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