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yes but I'm not sure if the £75 will last as saw elsewhere it was just for today.. Maybe until they restock with a wider selection of sizes?
I arrived about 2pm today and there was no queue, with lots of space to go through rails. Unfortunately the only sizes for trenches (reduced to 75quid) were 6, 16, 18. I 'm a 12 and I tried to fit some of the larger sizes but ultimately they were just too big. Mens trenches had a lot of 46. rest of the clothes had a variety of sizes but not many left out.
Regretfully left empty handed but glad to have had a look and definitely huge bargains to be had by people looking for the larger sizes.
Understand the queues are long on he weekend- has anyone been there when there wasnt a queue to get in (maybe when it opens on weekdays?) Trying to see if I can squeeze it in my lunch hour!!
Had a fab time here. Really friendly and helpful staff, big range of prices (including a £5 bucket that my friend was delighted to get a tshirt and a skirt from). I was thrilled to find a deep teal wooled asymmetrical poncho for £51 (down from over £500!) and a few items off the £25 rack. Lots of jumpers with classic and more innovative styles. Think they did a really great job here.
Pricing: 3/5
Quality of Stock: 4/5
Friendliness: 3/5
Overall Rating: 2/5

The store has a great variety of lovely stock at a range of prices. Scarves were available for as little as 15pounds. Ladies jumpers were substantially more but we didn't stay long to find out the exact pricing as we realised quickly that because the store is very small (part of the charm of Burlington Arcade), they were limited in how many customers could be inside at one time. We were very conscious that there were people waiting outside for us to leave so spent less time than we otherwise would have. But a very nice little shop with welcoming staff (although they are clearly still getting used to trying to limit the numbers of customers).

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