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Amazing as always - on both parts Showcase as well as Mulberry Teams.
Popped in to and check out what’s available as coming in with a strict shopping list to a sample sale is only likely to end in disappointment as well...it’s a sample sale so many things might not be available in the very colour/size/finish we want.
So, despite coming in to browse only left with three pairs of shoes and quite a lot of jewellery that I’ve had an eye on for two years (yep, the patience!). Didn’t plan for any of the above but they “happened” anyway 🙊🙈
I didn’t focus much on bags so as I didn’t have anything in particular in mind and/or nothing “called me” so to speak.
To those that hesitate about tomorrow - it’s definitely worth coming in as long as One is open minded about the clothing/bags/footwear/jewellery as the prices are discounted significantly. Not to be mistaken with expectations of £5 price tags as well, Mulberry is a luxe brand that retails within the three of even four digit price tags so let’s be reasonable!

Also, I would like to add a massive shout out to Michelle from the Showecase Team for being simply amazing, patient, helpful and generally a pleasure to chat to and also to the Mulberry Ladies at the till for being equally helpful and a pleasure to talk to!!!

Also, I’m the wake of the current Health Scare, hand sanitizers as well as a Security guard with an disinfecting hand spray a the main entrance is most definitely a very appreciated and welcome idea.

Happy shopping to those that might be going tomorrow. 😊
I’d suggest going back as the Aspinal Team is usually super helpful. You might need to pay £2 entry again but it’ll still be cheaper than buying a strap separately! Hope this helps? x
I know everyone attends sample sales for the goodies not the team but really need to say that first and foremost, the Aspinal Team was as brilliant as always.
Incredibly approachable, going beyond and above when asked for any sort of assistance....despite having to put up with some rather “charming-NOT!” customers.
Thank you!!! 😊🤗

As to the stock, well....it’s a sample sale so obviously the choice might be limited and items might not always be in pristine condition.

I would strongly recommend going with an open mind that the exact model, leather finish or colour might not be available and yes...if you’re looking to spend £5-£10 only then your most likely choice will be limited to the embossed stuff mixed up on the tables.

I don’t mean to sound stuck up but each and every time it genuinely astonishes me to see people commenting that 1/3 or less of £500-600 RRP is too much.
Or that the embossed small leather goods were messy...

Honestly, there’s plenty of high street brands that will happily cater to your taste and budget and also....guess who messed up the small leather goods? Something tells me it wasn’t the Aspinal Staff onsite but other equally grumpy and moany shoppers hoping to snatch a £1000 bargain for £5.
I came in for one item only and left with multiple SLGs as well as handbags that I might not need but discovered I am not able to live without. 😉

Faults? Some are obvious and some aren’t...to the point that I actually had to ask one of the ladies that worked at the sale to pin point the fault to me as I couldn’t see any, and quite frankly, One would need to have a magnifying glass to spot the tiny leather imperfection that caused the additional reduction.

All in all, the sale is definitely worth attending but in a positive, open minded way as it’s definitely not a bad one with plenty of great quality goods available at a fraction of the retail price

P.S. ...and if there’s a hairline scratch on a bag then sooner or later it’s ought to happen anyway so at least there’s one thing less to worry about: the trauma of the first scratch. 😉
Can’t fault the team onsite. Super lovely and incredibly helpful.
Stock was very well organised and easy to browse whilst not feeling pressured to make a purchase.

Sadly, I left empty handed as after deciding on a purchase I learnt that Arlettie doesn’t accept Amex as they don’t want to pay the slightly higher than Visa handling fee.

Very, very disappointing as whilst chasing pennies (I think, Amex charges 2% greater fees than Visa) the store is losing out on big pounds as I’ve been told by more than one person from the team that plenty of people left without a purchase because they couldn’t pay with Amex.

I was planning to visit a few more of their sales but now just don’t see the point as I won’t be able to buy anything anyway.
Oh well, there’s plenty of others. 😊
Went this evening - it wasn’t crowded at all. Loads of size 37 and 38. Not so much of 39-40 but still plenty to choose from.
As with every sample sale, One needs to be open minded that the exactly colour or model they’d wish for might not be available...but if that’s not a problem it’s a pure shoe bonanza.
I have intentionally not even looked at shoes that weren’t in my size so then I don’t like something that’s not available (out of sight - out of mind method 😅)
Incredibly lovely and helpful staff. Stock was kept tidy and organised and they were also checking around the chairs everyone was trying the shoes on for the items that are a “no” and therefore could be made available for different shoppers. It was all done in a polite manner so no one felt pushed or rushed yet the usual sample sale hoarders weren’t able to “sit” on tons of items they weren’t planning to buy anyway.
All in all - very much worth the trip and would definitely visit again!

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