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Can’t fault the team onsite. Super lovely and incredibly helpful.
Stock was very well organised and easy to browse whilst not feeling pressured to make a purchase.

Sadly, I left empty handed as after deciding on a purchase I learnt that Arlettie doesn’t accept Amex as they don’t want to pay the slightly higher than Visa handling fee.

Very, very disappointing as whilst chasing pennies (I think, Amex charges 2% greater fees than Visa) the store is losing out on big pounds as I’ve been told by more than one person from the team that plenty of people left without a purchase because they couldn’t pay with Amex.

I was planning to visit a few more of their sales but now just don’t see the point as I won’t be able to buy anything anyway.
Oh well, there’s plenty of others. 😊
Went this evening - it wasn’t crowded at all. Loads of size 37 and 38. Not so much of 39-40 but still plenty to choose from.
As with every sample sale, One needs to be open minded that the exactly colour or model they’d wish for might not be available...but if that’s not a problem it’s a pure shoe bonanza.
I have intentionally not even looked at shoes that weren’t in my size so then I don’t like something that’s not available (out of sight - out of mind method 😅)
Incredibly lovely and helpful staff. Stock was kept tidy and organised and they were also checking around the chairs everyone was trying the shoes on for the items that are a “no” and therefore could be made available for different shoppers. It was all done in a polite manner so no one felt pushed or rushed yet the usual sample sale hoarders weren’t able to “sit” on tons of items they weren’t planning to buy anyway.
All in all - very much worth the trip and would definitely visit again!
** shout out not should out **
Went yesterday evening, after work, so the queue was just getting longer as many people arrived at a similar time.
The check in/paying system has been improved with two team members charging for the entry (they now take card payments now just cash for entry which is great!)
The sale was pretty much of the usual overstock or few seasons old for ready to wear, shoes as well as bags.
In all fairness, I don’t think I will ever understand those that forever complain that it’s expensive for a sample sale...
Well, it’s a luxury brand not a conveyor belt production which requires craft skills and time to be made so why would some expect everything for pennies is beyond me.
Want cheap and two digit price tags - there are brands that cater for you but please, please do not come to luxe and complain it’s expensive. 🤦🏽‍♀️
Team on the day was the usual mix, some incredibly helpful (should out to the lady with long dreadlocks for helping me with packing my stuff into canvas totes so I could move around freely!) and some that are just tired and rather disinterested in providing any assistance (just like in any other store, sale etc)
All in all, it’s worth a visit if you’re open minded and aware that no, getting an almost £1000 item for £10 won’t happen and understand that the exact colour, shape, leather finish might not be available as it’s a sample sale.
If you’re about the opposite - then you might either go in store for the exact item at a full price or go elsewhere for the low price tag you’re after as it’s not worth your £2 entry and spoilt experience of others.
Absolutely lovely and incredibly helpful team that kept everything super tidy and easy to browse through.
Went just before the closing time and still had plenty to choose from as I think they were restocking throughout the day.
Definitely worth a visit as the coats are of a really good quality with a nice weight and finish to them that gives them a rather luxe feel.
Would definitely recommend popping in next time if you were planning to but missed out this time.

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