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There wasn't at this time yesterday
Hi i went yesterday evening and had a 5-6pm slot but was let in earlier at 4.30pm, absolutely no queue. You check in with your code/confirmation email, sanitiser your hands and leave your bags in the "cloakroom", you are allowed to take your purse and phone. First floor has men and women shoes, I got men's trainers for £40 and women's heels for £50 accessories notebooks etc from £5, a small selection of kids toys from £10 And some womens costs, dresses, tops and scarfs. Down stairs is men's only from belts£15, socks 3 for £12 , t shirts £15 trousers jacket and coats and suits etc. Worth going to buy a few bits!
My friend is in the queue now and there are about 10 people there
I went to the sale yesterday at 4pm and got in at 5pm. The best time to get there would be either 9am before the morning rush (I passed by at 11am and the queue was around the block like 100 people deep) 3.30-4pm before the 9-5 workers finish or 6pm but expect to wait up to 1.5hrs. Once you get in they take your coat and bags you are given a clear plastic bag (like at the airport for liquid items) for your purse/wallet/phone. You are given a raffle ticket to retrieve your coat etc. You go downstairs into the grand hall. Ladies shoes/trainer/boots set out on tables maybe about 8 tables in sizes but of course a bit muddled up as customers put unwanted shoes anywhere. Loads of shoes in boxes behind the tables. Men's shoe section one table. Once you select your shoes they take your name and they are put behind the tills with the time on it for you to collect. You have 2hrs to collect or they put your shoes back on the shop floor, for clothing there are no bags you just have to load them up on your arms, handbags are put behind the counter. Ladies clothes all on racks in no size order that i could see. But everything from t shirts to dresses to jackets, skirts, trousers. Men's clothing mostly had moncler jackets and gillets but other designers as well . Handbag section was small mostly large bags a few clutch and even less purses.

Ok so they defo need more staff. Only 2 people on the cloakroom. 3 people working womens shoes, 2 on mens and 3 on handbags and 3 on till. Price wise mostly 50% off. But you may get a better bargain.
Security did let staff go to front of queue. Staff were putting stuff they wanted aside (but who wouldn't?) I think they should have let staff put things aside before opening so it doesn't look bad.
So all in all worth the wait if your a designer junkie. If not you may find a pair of loafer/shoes for £250-£300 still expensive, but I was happy with my bargains (only got shoes couldn't be arsed with trawling thru the rails of clothes)
Kya you are a Godsend! thank you so much for the pics, any more and any general price guides you can give us?

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