Elmira Medins

Elmira Medins is so much more than just a designer. She is a fighter. But more importantly, she is a visionary who is passionate about all artistic disciplines, innovations and perhaps above all, knowledge.

With her enterprising spirit, she is a creative giant with a special sensibility and a deep understanding of elegance and femininity.

This understanding and being able to so masterfully bend these two worlds together is what has made Elmira Medins the brand it is today. Coveted by countless loyal clients and a growing global fan base, the brand, and its head designer is set to establish themselves firmly as a lasting fashion house. A label that can withstand the changing tides of trend and fad. A brand that is fast becoming synonymous with style, elegance and sophistication.

This is what sets her apart as a designer. The masterful proficiency of being able to blur the lines between style, tradition and innovation.

In Elmira they converge in an almost perfect way history, tradition and innovation.
Simply put, Elmira Medins designs her collections for elegant women. These are sophisticated women with an active lifestyle. Women who are strong, without losing their femininity and even sexy at the same time. Women who not only feel the need to differentiate themselves from the rest but these are women who live purposfully.

“For me, every woman is unique and my designs are made to enhance her beauty and personality. My designs are unique and we produce on demand. So when someone is looking for something truly exclusive and allowing them to get away from what most people usually look like, Elmira Medins is where they turn to".

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