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Starts On:  March 11th 2021 at 10am New York time
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Sold By:  375 Showroom from the United States in association with A-COLD-WALL
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What to expect

A-COLD-WALL is the product of British street culture, reflecting hegemonic disparities and youth expression in contemporary fashion, the line is a symbol of the clashing of class and environment in the British landscape.

Designer Samuel Ross spent three years working as Louis Vuitton artistic director Virgil Abloh’s protégé before launching his own boundary-pushing label in 2015..The zeitgeist of Britain's working class, Samuel Ross channels a strong emphasis on expressionism, culture, and socio-conceptual designs, expect high-tech fabrics, meticulously constructed silhouettes from its ready-to-wear pieces.

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This sale runs from March 11th 2021 to March 15th 2021, and ships to addresses in the United States and Canada.

As soon as the sale starts, this page will turn into a store and you'll be able to see and buy the products.

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