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Shopping online sample sales in the UK

Online sample sales in the UK are the fashionista's best kept secret and a great way to stock up on designer fashion and accessories at a big discount.

Although many assume they're reserved for our American cousins, there's actually a great range of UK online sample sales for you to shop, and often you'll find cooler brands, deeper discounts and exclusive pieces over here that you won't find elsewhere.

So what will you find at a UK online sample sale? If you know your history, you'll know that sample sales were once purely in-person events, held at a showroom or venue with a collection of excess stock, production samples and runway pieces at big discounts. But with the rise of digital shopping, many brands have started to run online sample sales in the United Kingdom as well, or even instead, of their in-person sales. So no more traipsing into London to shop - you can grab online deals at a snip, wherever you are in the country.

Like with their in-person equivalents, the UK's online sample sales are always limited time events - just a few days long - and once they've ended it's game over. At Chicmi we'll give you as much advanced notice that we can. When you find an online sample sale that you like, make sure you click Register on the sale page, so we can remind you an hour before it starts.

Once the sale starts it's a free-for-all, and you need to get your items in your basket and checked out as soon as you can, as stock can move very quickly at the big UK online sample sales, so you don't want to miss out! And look out for restocks too - as brands will often add drops throughout the sale as new items become available. We'll send you an email whenever a brand adds new items to one of their online sample sales in the UK, as long as you've pressed Register on the sale page.

If you don't see a sale that you like, then don't worry. The UK's online sample sale calendar is highly seasonal - and brands will often run sales just once or twice per year, in Spring and Winter. Make sure you click Follow against the brands you love and we'll send you an email as soon as a new online sample sale is announced by the brand.

Most importantly - have fun! By shopping online sample sales in the UK you're joining one of the fastest growing movements in fashion, helping keep excess stock out of storage (or landfill), and grabbing amazing bargains. So happy shopping!