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Long-term collaborations with Tate Galleries and Apple Europe have given Ally Capellino the strongest endorsements, demonstrating the brand's ongoing appeal. Over 40 years into making a loved and recognisable brand, founder and designer Alison Lloyd takes inspiration from a diverse source of architecture - African artefacts, topiary, punk and Franz West! Her talent lies in bringing the best out of each material, exploiting its strengths and introducing iconic pieces to the market.

Chicmi loves how sustainability is in the brand's DNA: leathers are sourced mainly from a small group of tanneries in Tuscany, all of which are compliant with the region’s vegetable tan consortium guidelines; waxed cotton fabrics are sourced from one supplier in the UK; recycled plastic are turned into new bags; gradually fabrics and leathers are being used that are recycled, recyclable or biodegradable.

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