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Owa Yurika was founded in London by Japanese mother-daughter duo, Yuki and Yuriko Oshima.

Their story began soon after their daughter and granddaughter, Honor, was born. They wanted clothing which valued children as independent young people, and they wanted to take play seriously. Instead, much of the childrenswear they encountered was mass-produced, overly gendered, or too precious for active bodies. They believe that children notice the details. They are dancers and painters, thinkers and tree-climbers, storytellers and cartwheelers.

Owa Yurika's roots are in Japan and this is embodied in every piece of cloth they cut. They feel proud to share this heritage of deep care with a global community. Their clothing is meticulous about detail, from the perspective of the parent and the child: they won’t compromise on design or production, on wearability or washability. In their materials, as in their daily lives, they turn to nature wherever they can. They believe that high quality clothing can be a central part of a more imaginative philosophy for the people who create the future.

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