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Finding your perfect dress at a London bridal sample sale

If you've got a wedding coming up then London's bridal sample scene provides so much opportunity to grab that perfect gown at a discount!

Help! I need a wedding dress!

Congratulations on your engagement! Choosing your wedding dress is a very personal experience that everyone does a little differently. Thankfully you're in London, and there are a wealth of options available to you - from cheap and cheerful to fabulous and, well, expensive! And there's no better way to explore London's bridal scene than by checking out the various bridal sales and events around the city.

Why would you want a bridal sample sale?

For some brides, this is an absolutely brilliant idea! You hear about a London bridal sample sale at a boutique or bridal brand near you, you check out the dress you want in advance, work out the size you need, and then go in and buy it off the shelf at a fantastic discount. For other brides, it's completely unsuitable, as you will often not get the service on the day that you may want from your bridal atelier. You're often sharing the space with other brides, there may be limited changing facilities and help available, and you may only be able to bring a limited number of guests.

How to prepare for a bridal sample sale?

To get the most from a bridal sample sale in London, all about two things - preparation and attitude!

Preparation is absolutely key - you often won't have much time to pick or try on, and you probably won't be entertained with champagne while you flit in and out of changing rooms like in movies. So if you go in knowing which options you'd be happy with and what size you are for the label then you'll get so much more out of the trip. We recommend visiting a bridal shop before the sale, to see their range, try on their sizes and check out the styles - then you can head into the bridal sample sale fully prepared!

Plus think about what you're going to wear to attend the sale. You may be changing in public, and you may have time limits, so we recommend wearing swimwear to your London bridal sample sale so you can change with dignity, and take or wear your bridal shoes (if you have them) so you can very quickly make sure they go together.

And finally, to get the most of your London bridal sample sale trip, the other important factor is attitude. You're going bargain hunting and you're having a ball. Don't pin all your hopes on one trip, don't walk out with a dress you're going to regret, be prepared to walk away, and just have a lot of fun - don't take it too seriously!

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