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About London Shopping Events

Shopping events can be a great way to experience fashion brands in new ways.

What is a shopping event?

We categorize shopping events as commercially-focussed fashion events that fall out of the sample sale, vintage sale or bridal sale categories. They're often in-store promotions, meet the designer days, pop-ups or special shopping evenings. London is a great place to discover events like these.

Why do fashion events like this exist?

The fashion world is shifting rapidly. As more and more shopping moves online, London's brands have realised that their physical stores are a great way to engage shoppers with their brand and to create experiences for their customers that help them stand out from their competitors. For many brands, the physical fashion store is as much about how you feel about the brand as it is about buying clothes.

These events and in-store exhibitions give you a chance to explore the brands that you like in new ways, often grab a discount, maybe even chat to the founder or designer. They can be fun, with live music and entertainment, and they can be a great place to meet people who have like-minded interests in the same brands as you.

How can I attend?

Each event is a bit different. Some might be generally open to the public, and you can just walk into the store and join in. Some might require booking, or you might need to buy tickets in advance - check out the listing on Chicmi and we'll tell you what you need!

Either way, you'll find no shortage of great shopping experiences in London. Make sure you get the Chicmi app, which shows you all of the shopping events around you wherever you are in the city - so whenever you get a free moment you can grab a bite of cool retail therapy!

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