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STAUD starts at just $95.00 with up to 40% off retail
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Bergdorf Goodman
Bergdorf Goodman
Shop STAUD at 40% off with prices starting at $147.00
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STAUD is now up to 67% off, starting at just $59.00
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STAUD is now up to 30% off, starting at just $139.00
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Shop STAUD at 50% off with prices starting at $113.00
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STAUD Sample Sale

RSVP Closed


March 19th 2019 to March 24th 2019
RSVP. Guest list closed!


260la, 301 N Canon Drive, Beverly Hills, 90210


You've got six days to take up to 80% off trendsetting women's apparel, accessories and handbags from STAUD at their LA sample sale! RSVP Now to stay updated with price lists and further reductions as they're announced!

This event is open to the public. Cash and cards accepted. All sales final.

There are exclusive VIP offers available for this event.

Help others and help brands to serve you better! 🌹😍

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Still have lots of stock for clothing, dresses are actually pretty cute... bags selection are less now though, would be restocking, but only for the same style, no new bags are restocking ughhh! Btw, they limit 2 bags per person, don’t understand why!
They do this to prevent all the resellers from taking all the stock away from customers who actually care about the brand and just want to make a buck on ebay. I love 260 for this and think it is wonderful.
I think the best solution might be have an online section for all these sample sale so resellers have no chance to grab all stock and resell at higher price. They got angry just becuase they will make less money from all these sample sale due to the policy
I live in SF and won’t fly/drive down to LA just for one sample sale, so I really admire and appreciate who would and would also help buying stuffs for others who are not accessible to these sample sales hosted by 260. To those who complain about others taking all stock, I just want to tell you: get there earlier, it’s a fair chance. Stop blaming others when you are not putting the same effort.
Actually shoppers do get there earlier to buy, but I have seen women grab a whole rack, I’m not exaggerating, and claim it as theirs and there is nothing you can do about. Or take as many purses as they can from a table, and again, nothing you can do about it. 260 has a buying multiple items rule. You can buy as much as you want but if you are buying 10 purses in all the same styles it’s probably for resale, so that’s why the two per style rule. Again you can buy 100 things, it’s just a two per style rule, and that seems fair. Imagine if you drive in or fly in from somewhere and spent hours on the road and get nothing, even if you are in the front of the line because someone in the line in back of you ran and grabbed a whole rack, or cleared the table while you were being civilized on the other side of the store looking. Even first one in line can’t be everywhere at once.
I hope you understand the shopping experience at a sample sale is not like shopping at a department store where you have time to choose and pick. Imagine what happen during Black Fridays, goods that are on huge discount are always on a first-come-first-serve base, if they are gone they are gone. You are right, there is nothing much you can do, but that’s the reality. Shoppers will have to be smart and prioritize their wish list, especially the ones in front of the line and can’t be everywhere from the start. If you don’t grab the items you want for now, they may be gone the next second.

Limiting 2 per style per person is definitely not enough, especially for popular styles. Like I said many people out of state don’t have access to these sample sales, the limit will completely destroy the chance for them to even buy things from sample sales. If the limit isn’t there, at least we could still ask our friends to help us buy goods when we can’t be there physically. Not only in LA, sometimes I even ask my friends in NY to help me buy certain items I like from sample sales.

Instead of thinking others reselling goods to make a fortune, please rather considering others who are not accessible to sample sales and really want to participate as well. All goods that are on the market are open and available to the public, and I really don’t think putting a limit is necessary. First come first serve is always the fairest rule. The whole idea of the limit and prevent people from shopping too much sounds like losers’ complains. To be honest, I have never seen any Black Friday sale or any sort of on-sale event do the same thing to customers. When items are out of stock, it is what it is, there is really nothing to complain about.
I have been shopping sample sales for years, so I certainly understand what a sample sale is. Bottom line is rules are rules, and they are put in place for the enjoyment of all shopping, not just for you and your long distance friends. It’s your choice if you want to abide by them or shop elsewhere. To your own point they are not a mainstream big box store, there are no restock at a later date other than during the sale. Most of the things at sample sales eventually make their way on the brands sale section online anyways, so then everyone gets a chance to shop no matter where they live. So either shop by the rules of the brands and the store, or skip the sale, it’s just that simple.
The big retail store will restock however the sale price will not be the same after the promotional period (for example Black Friday). Likewise, if we miss the sample sale opportunities and purchase online, prices aren’t the same. I’m happy to purchase online if prices are the same, but sadly that’s not the case. And all the folks who went to sample sale are for the low price, we have to admit that.

Speaking of the rules, although I don’t buy the limit concept, but if that’s what 260 decided to do. Like the other comment mentions, we completely respect that. Just make sure the execution is fair and consistent. We surely don’t want to see any racial discrimination cases happen again.
Yuan was very elegant and respectable in her response, And Yuan, I understand completely about racial discrimination, believe I will get profiled before most people because of my mixed racial background so I truly understand what you are saying. But as for June, you were mean and rude in your response, calling other women “losers” just because you are mad you can’t buy multiples for your long distance friends, so don’t try and make it about discrimination, because that’s not what your rude comment was about, we all can go back and read that. Again, if you don’t like the rules, don’t shop. Your money your decision. Everyone wants to be respected, the shoppers and the brands, which is why rules are set in place. You don’t have to be rude or disrespectful to get your point across. The kindness you put in, is the kindness you get back, the rudeness you put in is the karma you will one day get back. Chicmi and 260 have done a great job with these sales, and while no sale is perfect, they are doing their best to make it fair and enjoyable for everyone.
I don’t want to argue here with you, never depicted who are the losers or be rude to anyone, just want to express how bad the idea of having limits is (I still truly believe it shouldn’t be there). You are the one always switching concepts. (Said something like buying online is the same for all etc. when we all know it’s not the same) I’ve never picked on any name but you targeted just on me and reply directly under my comment. Excuse me? Who’s being rude and disrespectful here?

By the way, I’m not buying anything on the sample sale for my long distance friends, I am the long distance friend who also want to participate in this inaccessible sample sales. Please read my comments carefully before you insult anyone.
Your exact words “The whole idea of the limit and prevent people from shopping too much sounds like losers’ complains.”
Yes that’s so right, “the idea”, not anyone.
I’m done talking to you at this point. Follow the rules put in place, or take your business and your “idea” of calling people losers elsewhere. Good day!
I live out of the state and care a lot about some brands that 260 carries. I really appreciate the hard work that sometimes my friends help me get what I want. Only very few people resell things at an expensive price on EBay. Actually if the limitation policy starts, it will only encourage the reseller to sell them at even higher prices. That’s how the economics work.

While lots of people care about some brands and need help from people who live closer to 260 locations, I believe 260 also needs help to expand their market. I understand and totally respect what ever policy 260 decides to place, however I hope they will be conducted consistently. Sadly I have heard stories like only non-Asian look people don’t have number limit on buying the same style. That’s a whole different level
of story. To me it becomes racism issue which I hope it will never happen.

Again we all respect all the buys and 260 staff. I hope 260 can set up a reasonable policy which fit the market demand and be consistent when they are conducted.
A lot of ppl from other state actually care about this brand and would love to buy some, so the 2 limit per person thing really do hurts us... the only way to buy these is by asking my friend live in LA to help, but now it seems impossible.
I think people are getting confused. It’s NOT two things per person, it’s buying two of the SAME items per person. You can buy as much as you want just a limit of two of the same styles. For example, If you love a dress you can buy one for you and one for a friend, you just can not buy 5 of that same dress in the same exact color, but if you find the dress in another color you can buy two of those and so on. So you can buy 100 things no problem, I hope that clears up the confusion.
They are giving everyone in LA a chance to buy but what about people in other places who don’t live in LA? Sure, there are some who are resellers but there are some who are using chat groups that were originally created by their inner circle of friends who live elsewhere but want to shop a sample sale. Not everyone buys and resells on eBay, I think that is a misunderstanding a lot of people have. Those friends then referred other friends and the group expanded. The maximum is 500. I live in San Francisco and I’d take a day off or fly here on weekends for brands I love. I wasn’t here for Staud because it’s less known but for other more popular brands, I have a group of friends who are in SF and other states and they want to buy too but not everyone can fly here for 2 bags and 2 dresses. So I created a chat group and if I fly down for a sale, I take pictures at the store and if my friends want something, I’d buy for them on the spot and they pay me 260LA’s price + $5/$10 buying fee to cover my plane ticket or gas. I don’t think this is reselling and it solves the problem that 260LA is a brick and mortar store. Ppl eleewhere know about sample sales and I think my chat group gives them a chance to shop and know the brands. But there are times when I drive or fly all the way to LA and I have a limit of 2 bags or 8 dresses and ppl accuse me of reselling when I am not even making a buck!
I completely agree with you. I LOVE 260 LA!!! You can always count on them to always be friendly, helpful and professional, and for actually trying to protect the brands and making sure everyone gets a chance to buy. It’s so disheartening to go to a sale and see stuff being resold right on the sales floor, while you are shopping. There goes the bag or the dress you wanted in a resellers hands and they don’t even want to wear it for their enjoyment but only to flip it on Instagram, Tmall or WhatsApp, leaving you with nothing. I’m not one to knock anybody’s hustle, but if you’re a reseller, that’s what buying downtown in the fashion district is for, or getting a wholesale account is for, not what sample sales are for, It stings, it really does, but Chicmi and 260 are trying really hard to combat this problem, and I applaud them for it. I had never heard of Staud before but now I’m a big fan, and I’ve added this to brands that I now follow and will repeatedly buy from on their regular site just because of the great impression going to this sale made on me! I thought the bags would be my main purchases, but I actually fell in love with the clothes! It’s a really great selection and now really good prices with the additional 40 off! 260 Is AWESOME!!!
Totally but my friends who don’t live in LA also wanna buy, they can’t now, feel bad for my girlfriends too
Bummer. I get it. Those stupid resellers ruin everything.
There's now further discounts at this sale! Check out the updated price list! 🎉

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