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Pricing: 4/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Rebecca was so lovely, attentive and patient . There were some really beautiful pieces and very reasonably priced fur collars, bags and jumpers. I bought a beautiful cashmere and fox scarf which I can’t wait to wear. Would definitely visit again and worth a visit if you love fur.
I went around 2.45pm today and only waited a couple of mins to get in. The Box staff were friendly and helpful as always. Lots of stock left although the cotton dressing gowns that were posted on Instagram as new stock today disappeared very quickly (I think I got the very last one). I got some silk sleepwear (PJs plus a shorts set) and some scarves plus a candle. Shame all the duvet sets were superking size though. It was worth a trip if you're in the area.
Thank you so much to everyone who has shopped with us so far!

For those who seem a bit unsure about the pricing, this is iconic Liberty merchandise from current seasons that are exclusively on sale at these prices. Everything is in pristine condition (most still in plastic) so expect very fresh products.

Here are the price lists with the RRPs.

For those who haven't seen our Instagram coverage, here's some photos of what's in store.

We've also just received more stock from Liberty! Including bags in new colours, new styles of scarves and robes :) Some of these are pictured for you.

The sale will be ending at 7pm tonight and no booking is required.
I really liked the new organisation with time slots. It really made for a much nicer shopping experience and I think should continue this way. Some great pieces. The prices were not as good as most previous CK sales but I still couldn’t resist. The Box staff were lovely as was the changing room assistant :)
Pricing: 3/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 3/5

The bags were all packed neatly, many with no opened samples to try on as far as length of detachable straps, and also to see how they are when not in its full boxy shape. This prevented me from purchasing one.
It is also would be nice to know what the RRP of the items are which were not shown in almost all the items.
I went and queued from 10am. I got in at 11:45. The queue was really long. Once in the staff were really helpful and I managed to get a beautiful Alicia pyjama set and 2 Hera scarves. All items are current stock. The scarves are online at £195 and the pyjama set is £245. The scarves were £50 and pyjamas £90 in the sample sale. For me it was definitely worth going. Thank you to The Box
Hi everyone! For those asking, our price lists are as follows:

We are constantly replenishing stock and will be receiving some more styles in time for tomorrow :)

No need to book tickets - this is open to everyone.
If you think the Liberty Sample Sale will be the same as 2017, then don't bother going, the starting price is £10 for a Candle!!!

I queue this morning, as I missed the last sale. My fingers was at the ready for tickets slot - then the system crashed. I refreshed the page every minute only for the tickets to sell-out how.

Now this morning there is a queue of over 100 people, waiting with their list(s) of what to get the family for Christmas (based on the 2017 prices) to be disappointed, bags on the table for £180 but online for cheaper - seriously, Liberty why?

Kaftans from £595 to £175/£190, silk tops £90, and shorts to match £70. silk scarves from £20. People are shocked at the prices but with that thinking I waited this long, I must come out with something. I happily skipped outside, without buying a thing. This is 2020 due to Covid - alot of people have lost jobs, money worries or short budget. Liberty should have come with the same prices as 2017 - giving us a happy shopping experience. Save you monies, let see where these companies will be in the New Year, When they need our custom.
Oh dear it looked like a bazaar of unwanted stuff, despite most of the items coming from SS20. Maybe it was the lighting and lack of ambience. I agree with some of the reviewers that Joseph needs to cut their regular sale prices to more honest levels which really will help drive their end of season clearance online and in store without having to run a sample sale, and the stock will be made more accessible to people living outside London, especially given the current environment. It was good to have a look nevertheless.
Got there around 5pm. No queue. Quiet inside. Mostly v old stock that we’ve seen time and time again in the carousel of Joseph sales. If you’re after branded items the pop-up sale in Westbourne Grove is WAY better. Can’t try anything on except coats, even over clothes which seems overkill - with the usual no refunds they need to be more flexible. Also practically NO mirrors. On the upside no bag and coat check and the staff are nice. Confusingly, all items purport to be in size order on the rails but everything is mixed so be prepared to rummage. It was lovely to be able to be out shopping though and I obviously got a few bits!! 😍
Arrived this morning around 10:08 and waited in the line for abt 40 minutes. By the time I went in most of the good coats in my size (36/38) are gone. Manage to grab one wool long coat discounted from £945 to £190. But if you are in larger sizes,there might be some coat options. Lots of blazers for abt 140-190. Too bad changing rooms are not available. Joseph's design details required some fitting to show. Would say it's abt 60% women's wear and 40% mens which is good for the gents. Agreed that a lot of good stuff will be gone today, unless there is a restock, if you dig in still can find some bargains.
Went this morning at 11am, only had to queue for around 10 minutes. Lots of bargains to be had here, some great discounts. I bought a grey wool coat reduced from 695 euros to £175, my friend bought a lovely lemon blazer reduced from £700 to £140. Lots of the Joseph coats are in the £200 range, the logo coat is around £290. Navy macs for £100. Cashmere jumpers are around £70, dresses £120 etc. Not much choice on footwear or bags, some other designer labels there but those items are still expensive e.g a coat from The Row reduced from £2000 to £700. Definitely worth going but I have a feeling lots of the best bits will go today. With regards to Covid safety it was a bit too busy in there, lots of people trying things on very close to each other.
Excellent collection. Very friendly staff. Rebecca was there when I went and she spent time explaining their furs, different style coats, and bespoke services. She wasn’t pushy at all. And she gave me her honest pinion. I bought an amazing black mink coat. Thanks! 😊
I went to the sale today, not crowded at all. The staff were really helpful. I tried on a few dresses and purchased a love black dress for £139.
I must say the Italian sizing for the pink dress I really wanted was quite small, you need to go 2 sizes up. Really good sample sale though.
I went back for this dress. It has been reduced from 275 to 139. I saw a few dresses and shoes have been further discounted. The staff in the box have been very helpful.
I went at 12 noon today and it was very quiet, probably because of the horrendous weather. It was very calm and I appreciated being able to browse at leisure rather than rush round trying to avoid a scrum of people. The Box staff were lovely as usual. They still has a decent range of stock. Footwear was mainly smaller sizes (36 & 37), jeans were mainly size 27 but there was a decent range of sizes still available in jackets, knitwear and T-shirts etc. Coats were mainly larger sizes (42, 44). It was worth a trip for me (I live within walking distance) and it was much better than the last Christopher Kane sample sale (pre-lockdown) that I went to at The Box. Maybe because there was a lot less people.
Good amount of people at the sale, didn’t feel to over crowded, very well controlled. Everyone was wearing a mask! Great!

Lots of trainers in pink yellow and white! Not a huge choice in other shoes.

I found clothing in small sizes tricky to find, lots in 40/42+

Some great statement belts very sparkly £60, no real handbags, a few clutches.

Most things were £100+ lots of bits I haven’t seen at a Kane sample sale before which was nice.

I came away with 2 belts and a ridiculous chain mail diamond party dress thing (slightly mad considering the current climate)

Worth a look if you like the aw19 collection.
Really great selection of Christopher Kane solid faves.. still so special every time you put them on. Clothing and accessories at great prices, easily 70% off . Check it out if you’re a fan, and if you’re not you will be 😊

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