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I had a 3pm slot booked for the last day Sunday. I arrived 10 minutes early as per the instructions and when I went to the door staff I was told that my ticket was meaning less and I had to join the end of the queue. 1 hour and 40 minutes later I got into the store and was asked to show my ticket by the same lady in the door even though people were allowed in without a ticket. It was utter mayhem inside. It looked worse than a jumble sale but there were great bargains to be had if you could be bothered to rummage. The cashiers were helpful and friendly but the other staff left a lot to be desired. No social distancing whatsoever but the other shoppers were polite and friendly. I fail to see the point of a ticketing system if you let those without a ticket in.
Being a Miyake fan I travelled a long way just to look as needed to feast my eyes on something beautiful after lockdown! Bypassed the long queue with my booked appointment. As it was the last day I wasn't expecting much but happily surprised by the large and beautiful selection of Miyake's Pleats Please,great shoes and accessories. Was given hand sanitiser and a plastic bag for phone and ticket for left luggage. We were given an hour (I think) to shop then asked to make our way to the Till with any purchases. Wasn't intending to spend much but bought two gorgeous wool skirts (diaper pant style) which I'll wear all winter long and reluctantly left a lovely grey pleated backpack behind. Skirts were
This was a great sale!
I went on Friday and Saturday! The team were helpful; I felt like I had a personal shopper when I went on Friday because they advised me on styles and looked for specific items for me.
I was a bit burnt about the price reduction on Saturday since I had just bought things on Friday at double the price but they are worth it even at that price and I probably won’t have found them in that size on Saturday.
Overall very happy with the experience and my 14 items! 😬
The staff were incredible! Really polite and went out of their way to help with sizing and finding stuff. Superb! Stock was really good and prices great. There were a few too many people in the store at times and to their credit they tried to curb that. It’s a hard line to tread, they obviously want to clear stock but they also don’t want a bun fight. I think the bottleneck was at the tills and processing sales quickly enough was tough so that meant it was hard to let more people in. Thanks Exclusive x
What an amazing sale!!! There was so much stock in all the sizes - sadly for me, I was in the higher range of size but happily I still found plenty and had to hold myself back. Overall, my wardrobe is thrilled and my bank manager even approved when he saw the clothes and the price paid. The reductions are AMAZING. Also, if you didn’t want to attend in person, there was a personal shopping service. Sad to see DVF go but wouldn’t have the clothes I have now without the sale.
got there around 10.45. only 1 lady in the que. was worth the wait. got some amazing stuff at amazing prices im happy
Very long queue ladies. About at least 40-45 ppl long. Attached photo and there more round the bend into the shop.
Forget social distancing, it was as crowded as any other sample sales before the virus. Sad to see this brand go down, style runs out for popular size like UK 8 and 10, went out empty handed. If you are XS worth a visit tho
Well organized sale with normal traffic of shoppers. Forget social distancing, in such a small space it's not gonna happen. Most were wearing a mask and if you arrived without one they would offer, I think. however the range of designs were not too inspiring. I spent 20 minutes and got out empty handed. It is very sad to see this brand going down. I own a large number of Diane's designs over the years but not since 2016 due to the change of creative director. That said, at 90% off it is worth a visit.
Great stocks! Didn’t see many suitable sample clothes. Size S and 10 are slightly smaller amount of stock than other sizes.
There was no changing area - you are allowed to try on over your clothes. There are a couple of big mirrors downstairs and one standing mirror upstairs...

There was some new stock today inc a few different mini bags and new samples too. Samples are kept separately from other stock and are price-marked. Very clean and well organised stock and friendly, helpful staff.
Hi everyone,

A great selection of new styles from Bao Bao have been added to the sale in time for the weekend as well as some more clothing from Pleats Please!
Good sale, very helpful staff, nice stock of dresses, some tops, shoes and coats ( got one!)
Stock 5/5
Friendliness 5/5
Price 5/5
Hi Everyone - This week we started to unpack the boxes and lay out the stock. In the swimwear category all sizes are covered from Large to Small. (there is loads of it) There are even some extra large and extra small Items. The ready to wear is mainly dresses and tops and this is focused on the smaller sizes but there some mediums and larges. There is a lot of kids wear focused on little kids as opposed to teens. There are some very nice accessories bags, headwear, footwear, scarves and jewelry.
Great sale
Stock 5/5
Friendliness 5/5
Price 5/5
If you like this brand then this is def worthwhile. Good amount of stock in all sizes although probably best for XS or medium. I bought two dresses, one of which is reversible 😀
Purchase Policy - Just a quick note to say to all who are going, you can only buy 1 bag or pouch, per person, so don't go wanting to buy lots at this sale.
I think it's a good idea to restrict people, but perhaps one could be allowed to buy 2 or 3 bag / purse / pouch items. Especially if you are wanting to buy for family, or friends. Have been to many sales where there are people literally buying everything and thought that unfair, certainly if there was limited stock. This perhaps feels a little the other way. But you decide. That's just my view.

Pricing - I would say, that it is more like a sale, a 70% off sale, rather than a sample sale. A lot of the items are still quite pricey. But of course it is a more expensive brand.

NB - You are not allowed to try on any clothes, unless you can do so over the clothes you have on. So jackets I imagine are fine.
It's quite difficult to purchase clothes without trying on, especially as, of course, there is no returns policy.

This was a fantastic and well run sample sale. Had such a great experience and am really sad about the situation because besides loving DvF, the staff was just absolutely lovely. There was plenty of room and space, all of the clothes were well organised neatly by size, and the best of it all....the staff was incredibly helpful, it was like having two personal shoppers who knew what would look good, understood my style and were completely honest if something didn’t work.
Selection was fantastic and the prices were great. It’s not a normal sample sale where it’s castoffs or styles that didn’t sell. It’s current stock at 70% off!
Run don’t wait!
My slot was from 5pm to 6pm today. They have a small rack of one-off catwalk samples for under £50, mostly tops but there is not much left. Dresses vary from £130 upwards. They have about 10 to 15 styles/ colours of jumpers downstairs.
I have just finished my 9-10 slot. I know people keep asking about prices but they are individually priced and it is 70% off. On average a dress is around £160. In addition I got a pair of knee length leather boots with a block heel £130 and black leather belt £30. Sizes UK 8 upwards are downstairs. Uk 4-6 upstairs. There is a lot of choice and sorted into sizes. Enough room to move around safely.
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 4/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

There was a lot of stock all arranged in size order. Very well organised .

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