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Nice sample sale with breathtakingly beautiful runway pieces. Got 2 simple bangles and 1 knuckle ring for £65.
Only thing not so positive was the reservation management. I arrived at 2:30 with a reservation for 2-3:30, thinking that I’d have about 1 hour to shop and pay before having to leave for another appointment. But I had to wait until 3 to get in because of volume control... Understandable given the context but there might be a better solution.
Some wonderful stuff for mid size girls though not as much as you'd hope but that's understandable due to there being quite a few runway pieces. Managed to grab a gorgeous blazer for £50. Staff are great and a good atmosphere however somewhat busy.

If you are size 14 or over it may not be as huge of a haul as you'd hope clothes wise
Good selection of stuff. Found some older Dolce for £5 but these finds take some digging. Definitely worth a look around something for every price point and so much variety and staff are helpful and friendly
another amazing sample sale. bargains may i say. sample shoes were £20. I even got brand new boots for £20. got 1 dress and 1 skirt that cost over 3k altogether for £90 and they are still available to buy on some websites for a little less than a grand each. I mean u can go wrong. but the sizes were limited. 10 and below had amazing styles. can't wait for another 1
Outstanding sale. Amazing clothes, wonderful staff and incredible value for money. Shout out to the legend that is Barbara!!!! If you can, go go go!!!
They have made some further reductions, only on belts and fur (30 to 20).
Very little Bonpoint stock in the 8-12years. Unlike last year’s sale which had great stock, would not recommend. Also, because stock is so limited boys and girls is mixed so not helpful.
Amazing sale and amazing staff. Shout out to Natalie and her wonderful staff, especially Elliot, Adrianna and Suki! Lots of press shoes in sizes 39 and up, plenty of stock of most items except for the scarves and jewellery.
This sale is so good and keeps getting better. The prices were slashed to 50% today. Short dresses are 50 and long ones £75. Tops only £20. Still quite a lot of stock left. Staff helpful and friendly. I might have to go again tomorrow.
The best sample sale I've ever been to. Very friendly and helpful staff esp Sade, Dionne And Madge but all the staff were really friendly and helpful and most importantly have you their honest opinion of pieces. Done was v helpful in finding me shoes and advising on how to style them and the dresses I tried. Lots of stock and they were replenishing whilst I was there between 5 and 6 pm this afternoon. Other customers were considerate, friendly and helpful too. Very pleasant and comfortable shopping experience. And have I mentioned the bargain prices? All the PP/Target collaboration pieces were an absolute steal at £10:I bought a blazer, a bikini, 2 tops and a dress. I also bought a stunning runwayo dress for £75, press shoes for £20, satchel bag for £70 and jewellery : cuff, ring and neckla for under £100 and loads more stuff including a silk hair scrunchie. I bought a fabulous runway bag for £200. I dropped just under a grand for pieces worth a lot more. See stock and prices posted on the pics. One tip would be to wear gym gear so you can try clothes on top of it and skip on sirs so you can try on the shoes.
I went yesterday and I'm a size 10. I got out with 6 pieces - 2 dresses, 1 top, 1 jacket, 1 pair of trousers and 1 pair of shorts. All different and fit perfectly and thanks to the ladies with the measurement tapes! I was a bit scared of getting these without trying them but I don't regret any of them!
Popped in again, they have restocked sample shoes in a 40 mainly. Had some target collaboration pieces 5-10. The best selection is for UK6-8 as it is the majority of the sale. If you love Peter Pilotto it's nice just to view the 'art'.
Great news! This sale has been restocked and there'll be more restock to come out on the last two days! All clothing has now been reduced by 50% - see the updated price list. 🎉
Hi I went yesterday and got a few sample shoes at £30. Also got a Rosetta bag for 250 but I think the prices have decreased.
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

A great selection of clothes and accessories from the current season, all hugely reduced e.g. blouses £60, skirts £60, jackets £75, short dresses £100, midi dresses £150. Clutch bags £80, totes £150, satchel bags £100. Runway ball gowns from £150 - £400. Also lots of beautiful one-off samples and archive samples. I went on Monday lunchtime, there was lots of stock but numbers of people were being restricted and good arrangements allowing social distancing. Couldn’t try on clothes but staff very helpful with sizing advice and tape measures! I bought a gorgeous skirt ( reduced from £1,295 to £60) and a blouse ( from £395 to £60) plus several bags and card wallets. This sale is a must for anyone who appreciates beautifully made and unusual clothes!
Always a nice sale to go to. I mostly enjoy the Diesel pieces but was great to see the big stock variety from small to big labels. Staff are always very nice.
Highly recommended it.
Very nice bargains very polite staff, worth going as they have many labels for any budget... classy event.
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Peter & Christopher announced Peter Pilotto would be pausing the brand back in Feb this year, so this is sadly likely the be their last sale unless they restart. And even then, who knows what the designs will be like! This is why I think why the prices are so competitive, at £100 for dresses and £150 for runway items, and why EVERYTHING from the archives is out. If you love what Peter & Christopher are known for, come by even if just to see the pieces in person and see the quality of their craft and skill up close. I walked away with a few items I'll treasure, and left many more for others to discover. Certainly not one to be missed!
There is a lot of stock. The racks are organized really well. Best of all the staff are just excellent. They are going beyond the call of duty to help check sizes and make sure everyone's shopping safety.
I am a size 6 and had plenty of choice in that size.
There were racks of medium and large as well, but I didn't go through them.
There are also lots of bags and some shoes and jewellery.

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