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I forgot to take pics :( always recommend this sale, no grab box of $5 pairs this time but still so worth it. The sale is in the outside parking lot, they made you sanitize your hands before you started and had gloves, the glasses are sanitized after trying on. Most of the glasses are Paul Frank, other brand were extremely limited, a lot of the Paul Frank frames on the eye society website were there. I got 3 Paul Frank shades for $35 a steal, Rebecca Minkoff are $25 and the other brands are 60 percent off.
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

This is my third Mod Ref x All:Row sample sale and they never disappoint. I love their basics! Got me a couple beautiful summer maxi dresses and cami tops. This sample sale had a lot more racks, all very organized by styles and colors. The prices are amazing for the quality. The staff will provided gloves and hand sanitizer. Please take a face mask and enjoy your shopping experience.
Embarrassingly bad, and the last minute change of opening time from 9 - 10am left us standing for an hour.
I went today in the morning and I got some nice tops and there where not many people there. The people there are very helpful
TERRIBLE. Total waste of time guy didnt keep track of line so people were in there over TWO hours and we were supposed to have 30 minutes. Monitor what rules you implicate . Limited inventory price gauge too
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

They had so much stuff! I browsed for about 45 minutes & ended up with lots of goods! I didn’t even look at everything, so much cute stuff! Prices were amazing! I got all these suits for my daughter & myself plus they had little suits for my 20 month granddaughter! I got all this plus 13 other pieces for my friends granddaughter too! For $88 !!!!! I will definitely come to another sale!
Five dollars separates $10 one piece and they also have dollar bins everyone’s required to wear facemask they had hand sanitizer there and they check your temperature. Thanks for those precautions had a great time shopping and bought a lot
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 4/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Great event check in was fast everyone was wearing mask and they even had masks there in case someone needed one.
Quality was good prices were great my husband got four pairs of shorts five or six shirts some of the shorts were 70 and $80 apiece that were 20 bucks it’s a steal.
It was a great sale! Thank you! 3 pairs of Havianas for $20. Each LSpace item was $20. And they had a ton of clothing for $5/piece - including BB Dakota brand.

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