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This sale was HORRIBLE !!!!! The line was ridiculously long (to be expected for the brand) but what was the worst was that they had no one regulating the line! People were cutting like crazy only to get back in line after their 10 minutes of shopping to do it again. I arrived at 9am (doors opened at 11) and didn’t step foot inside to shop till 1:45 !!!! And by shop I mean running around grabbing items in a 10min window 🙄The employees were rude and snobby and showed no sense of caring for the fact that people were waiting for HOURS in the rain!
They did replenish the floor but only AFTER the employees “organized it” aka took their sweet time deciding what they wanted for themselves first in the back then threw the left overs out on the sales floor in a wet box.
I should’ve known it was too good to be true. I will never go back to one of their sales again!
So I have a lot of thoughts to share about this sale so bare with me. First off, I will say I think this was one of the worst sample sales I’ve been to. It was completely disorganized. We were told it would be 15 minutes for 15 people to shop. They were not replenishing anything so the people who got in first as usual got the most recent/nicer items.

The line was not moving. They did not stop people from cutting the line. They did not adhere to 15 minutes for 15 people. I got in line around 12:20ish. I did not get to go in until 3:00pm. I absolutely have no idea why I stayed. By the time I was next to get in the employees decided to let EVERYONE behind us go in at the same time. This included people who had literally just gotten in line at 3pm when the sale was technically ended. So essentially the near 3 hours we waited was for nothing. Not to mention that there were at least 40 girls behind me.

The company tried to compensate for the lack of materials left (as expected) so they allowed for 3 bags for $20. Again, there was nothing really left. A lot of items were completely torn or just so outdated. Having left the sale I was really disappointed and won’t be back. This company is already low in price points. I highly suggest not going to their future sales unless you get there early in line. I wouldn’t want anyone to have experienced what I did (waiting 3 hours to get in & people who just arrived being let in at the same time). Not a good experience.
We've heard there's an extra 20% off on printed luggage!
Buy more, save more: printed luggage set now $100!🤩
Tops starting between $245-295. Dresses around $345. Nothing is on sale at this time. Hopefully near the end of the month though. Pretty, flowy & ruffly items.
The stock was pretty good. I came around 9:55am on Saturday and they opened right at 10am. There was street parking around the corner. They had the luggage I was looking for (Marble carry on), but I wanted a complete set, but they had ran out of most of the medium luggages when I arrived. They only had the printed ones left, all floral, cheetah print, or dotted in the medium size. I am very happy with my purchase but would definitely recommend you play with the zipper and look for any imperfections in the details since many of the products were not perfect. Some of the vanity cases are missing bolts on the sides, or the zipper was messed up on the inside. Check to see if it rolls properly,etc.
I thought it was decent. 10 min is def not enough time but I get it for the amount of people and the space size. They did what they could. I’ve been to other sample sales and they have been in warehouses. It’s more accommodating to all and maybe less stressful for staff. Something to think about. Got some cool stuff for just $10 bucks.
Super large pants left only. Outerwear is cute but Way Overpriced still. Bags cute but also overpriced for a sample sale. No more stock being added. Lots of shoe sizes left but they’re not comfy. But insoles on some are removable
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

The sale was great and the prices were amazing! The line was not long at all. I arrived around 9:45am just before it opened and I was about 20th in line. The stock was good but the only thing I was sad about it that they didn't have the vanity case that was on the rice list. But overall I got some great items! Thanks!
Pricing: 5/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Great sale. Love all matching pieces. ( bags,suitcase, tags,pillow)
We all ready to shop? Take a look inside the sale - just one more sleep to go! 🔥🥳
Have a peek of what's inside!🤩
The price list is out! 🎉
Such a great sale! And the prices were so on point that I spent more than I thought I would, and came back twice! It was super organized, plenty of fitting room space, and all the clothing were in pristine condition. There was also plenty of parking for 2 hours for free right down the street. It was a 5 star experience for sure!
Pricing: 4/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 5/5

Oh my denim!!!! Ginormous box’s filled with denim, sweatshirts, and ???? Bc I didn’t even get a chance to look in them all. Most box’s just had a tag on the side saying sample, first quality, damaged. So it was a digging free for all. Nothing was sized and I heard a couple of ppl complaining. But overall super fun!
Best 7 jean sale yet. If u live close by or in the area I would still try to make it.
Prices were super cheap for splendid it’s 10 tops for $20 quality of stock is poor as limited for splendid but I managed to find 10 items. Gen 7 jeans were $15 and 7 for all mankind $25 right at the beginning they dropped the prices of all the sample jeans to $5, prepare to dig for sample jeans and make sure they have a button .
This sale is great! The times I’ve gone they’ve carried Agolde, Citizens, and Goldsign. The jeans are $25 and the slightly damaged ones at $15. In the past they’ve done this deal of if you buy 4 pairs of jeans they’ll give you one free!

They also have a huge parking lot which made things easy. Also, heads up make you leave your bags in the car.
Hi Ladies just came from the sale! L space items were all $20. Each piece including all the dresses and shorts! Swimsuits were neatly organized by tables in sizes xs, small, medium etc. The staff was super nice and helpful
I asked the person who rang my items If there was going to be more merchandise on each day but he said everything is out ;)
I also bought some beautiful rose gold Havianas as they were 3 pairs for 25.
Not too crowded and was worth the visit!
The price list is out, plus have a peek of what's inside!🤩

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