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Pricing: 2/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 2/5

The men’s shoes prices were great .The woman’s bags were still pricey and there wasn’t much to choose from .
Where do I start? So as a VIP member I had access to early entry (30 minutes), which I thought was cool unbeknownst to me there was a “PRE” VIP which started at 12 so actually being VIP was no big deal. I was in the area about 12 saw the line so I just jumped on it. I am a shopaholic and know prices very well. I’ve been doing the twice a year big sales in major department stores for over 15 years, so I know a sale when I see one, I also go to many sample sales throughout the year. The bags in my opinion where over priced considering Nordstrom is starting there pre-sale with 30% off. The selection of shoes wasn’t too bad. I don’t know what I missed from 12-3 so I can’t really say if I missed anything good as far as shoes. I found the men selection to be ok if u wore a 13 plus (u where the lucky winner) Overall I thought I would come out with more than just one pair of shoes but that wasn’t the case. I have so many designer shoes if I never bought another pair I would be good. Hope this was helpful and enjoy the experience. I left about 4 and the line was insane
Mostly Samantha Sung, some People Of Shibuya for men’s ... the faux fur jacket was really cute but sooooo expensive even with the discount
Hi all, from when I was there most things are at the $250 and up price point. Everyone is right the price point is very high, this is more like a sale than a sample sale, although some samples can be found (as in, a sleeve being held together with safety pins kinda sample). Clothes are nice though!
It only opens at 2:30pm, but the last time I went to an Amuze pop-up it was packed with a massive line outside (I went for the vip early entry). By the time they were allowing everyone in I had already left. I found a few Chanel glasses for $150, marked down from their original $400 price tag. Other than that the shoes were very old like, three seasons old and marked down 30% at most. The bags were about 2 seasons old and were marked down maybe 30-50%.

The reality is that most of the items I saw I had seen already at those brands’ sample sales for either the same price or less. For example the Charlotte Olympia cheetah high-tops were at Charlotte Olympia’s final nyc sample sale last year for $100 and were being sold here for $125. So my suggestion is to only buy the brands you know you won’t be able to find or have difficulty finding at another sample sale especially if the brand has their own nyc sample sale every year. Unfortunately that is not the case for Charlotte anymore but it’s still the case for a number of the brands they carry.

Though their off-white selection is priced very fairly it tends to get sold out immediately during the vip preview, as well as their Chanel selection of bags and glasses, which are also priced amazingly for a brand which does not have a yearly sample sale.
I don't know why this was even called a Geox sample sale. The only "Geox" they had for men was about 10 pairs of ugly past season dress shoes priced from $125 and up. Seriously they had a few pairs that looked like golfing shoes and dress shoes combined. They had none of the cool winter/waterproof/athletic/hiking boots like they have all over their website. No Jackets or coats or any other Geox clothing for that matter.
They did, however, have some high-end designer coats and blazers from 2 designers I never even heard of for 80% off. The prices for the coats ranged from a very few at $360 up to $1600. (Most were $650 to $1000). So even with the 80% off, the prices were still way too high. I left without buying anything.
I feel completely duped by the advertisement/promotion of this sale stating it was a Geox sample sale. Clearly, that it was NOT. It was more like a bait and switch shady tactic.
Don't waste your time with this one.
Really fun sale for stocking stuffers! Great prices friendly staff!! Must go for sure! :)
Pricing: 4/5
Quality of Stock: 5/5
Friendliness: 5/5
Overall Rating: 4/5

The Christofle items, especially flatware sets were very expensive. There were lots of pictures frames and serving pieces. The jewelry was affordable and I purchased a necklace. Soiffer is always great. Great location, nice staff, easy check out.
Really amazing deals but not too much left. There were some great bikinis for $5 each piece. Found one dress for $30 and men’s shoes for $20. I recommend going for swimwear.
Popped in. Like people are saying, it's fun. Lots of stuff 90% or 75% off depending on item. Some vintage items are cheaper. Cashmere sweaters $350 or $500. Lots and lots of stock. Most items still with tags from Neiman's. I'm sad to say that the people working the sale (lots of them ... ) were not the friendliest or helpful (very busy chatting among themselves) which was interesting and new for me in a sample sale environment ... usually folks are busy doing stuff or attempting to help the customers!
Didn't pay attn to the sweaters or pants, just the tops & dresses & coats. Stuff with an X is $195 & $295. Most of these were shirts. Dresses were rarely marked with the X (maybe saw one or two with the $295 color). A lot of shirts were still individually marked at $300+ (saw some as much as $550, so not even 50% off). I spotted things that were marked at different prices in different sizes which was puzzling. Most dresses were $400+. Gowns were $595 at cheapest I saw (up to $995+) and mostly really small sizes (a lot were 0/2, some 4). Since some dresses were still $800 (yes, a dress I wanted was $795 ... and really nothing incredible), I would consider gowns a steal in comparison! Overall, nothing really cheap, but that's been the trend at the Lela Rose Sample Sales in the past, and regular prices are high for the brand. Will say I DID love how this sale started on a Saturday :)
I went for Morgan Lane. Very limited stock. Like literally only double of what you see in the pics - other than bathing suits which were in boxes and there were lots of those, one piece and tops/bottoms. They told me everything Morgan Lane was another $10 off today? Seems like someone just bought back stock (looked like leftovers from the last actual Morgan Lane sale I went to from the brand?), rented a Soho place, and opened up shop? Didn't pay much attention to the other brands, just a handful of things, space wasn't fully utilized. People were remarking the French Connection was cheap.
Great sale for an awesome designer and staff is super sweet... I love Cynthia Rowley
Everything got marked down further and now all swimwear are $5 piece, Shoes $20, bras $9.... barely any inventory left. I don’t believe they will be restocking as they mentioned that everything is out.
Summary for today. Pens for 60%, other goods for 70% inc. addional 25off. Still expensive compared with previous sales. For exanple, The sama bag I saw last year was 200, but now 300. Note book was 20, but now 45. Watch was amost 1.5 times the price over last year. FYI. I expect further discount. But not yet.
In my opinion, way better quality than many established luxury brands.
The samples are about 80-200. Season outerwear is about 200-500.
Plenty of bags, but unfortunately no reductions except on Large ps1 bags, which were $720 earlier in the week and are now $645. Look over everything carefully before buying. Many of the bags are missing straps, or are damaged.
I went last night and picked up a bikini set for myself for $27.50, retail $1060. Also, pajama set for my dad, lounging shirt for my husband, and two men’s bathings suits (euro style) for my cousins. Less than $100 all together. Basically nothing left in terms of underwear for me (32 D), but at least I got some Christmas shopping done.

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