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For the love of online sample sale shopping!

If you love luxury and designer fashion but don't love the price tag then online sample sales are the place to look! Expect prices ranging from 60% to 90% off on everything from independent through to major global labels - often shipped directly from the brand themselves.

Online sample sales are a new but booming phenomenon. Until recently sample sales were mostly only in-person events, where you would head off to a venue or the designer's showroom to shop. This strictly limited them to people in key fashion cities like New York, London and LA - and you can still find plenty of those if you're in those cities. But thankfully with the rise of e-commerce and easy shipping, the age of online sample sales are with us and you can also sit many sales from the comfort of your own home - wherever you are!

So what will you find at an online sample sale? Well they're always limited time events - like flash sales. While the sale is waiting to start, you can pre-register your interest and maybe get a sneak at some of the products and lines in-store, or discuss them with your fellow shoppers. And then when the online sample sale opens you can see all the products and purchase them directly from the brand. Usually you'll find plenty of previous season stock at very low prices, but also look out for surprises - such as archive pieces, vintage pieces, runway samples and even designer one-offs!

Every online sample sale is a little different - some brands are able to discount further than others, some will offer returns while some won't, and some will offer free shipping while others will charge, so make sure when the sale opens you check out the terms. And then shop, shop, shop and you just have to wait patiently for your beautiful treasures to arrive!

Most of the shopping action at an online sample sale happens in the first few hours, but don't let that limit you - throughout many sample sales there's further product drops as new stock is added, so make sure you keep an eye out for those. At Chicmi we'll let you know if further drops are added to any online sample sale, as long as you've clicked Register on the sale page!

And then the sale ends - and when it's gone it's gone. Online sample sales are designed to be very transcient and usually come around just once every season or so for each brand, so if you missed your chance then there's no turning back. But if you click Follow on the brand page on Chicmi we'll email you as soon as a new one is announced - so make sure you follow your favorite brands!